Park Street Piano Studio Policy

1. Why have a policy?

Constructing an effective studio policy is ultimately about providing a clear understanding between parent and teacher about what is expected of us. By communicating our expectations formally, we are creating space to concentrate on what is most important - our teaching and our children's enjoyment of this teaching.

Parents need to read the whole policy in order to sign an Agreement to Terms at the first piano lesson with Park Street Piano

This is important, as the policy:

  • Clarifies what you, as a family can expect of me
  • Clarifies what I expect of you
  • Communicates how common issues will be handled

Clarifying and communicating these things is comforting and freeing for both you and myself. As a result, my mind will be freer to teach creatively, parents and students will be comfortable knowing that common issues will be handled in a consistent and courteous manner.

Remember to print and sign the Agreement to Terms after you have read the whole policy. 

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