Park Street Piano Studio Policy

2. Yearly Tuition Package

Tuition is based on a 'yearly package' which is averaged per month. If you join the studio mid-way through the teaching year, the package will be adjusted accordingly. Parents make regular monthly payments regardless of the number of weeks in the month. If you cease piano lessons mid-way through the teaching year, a final invoice will be adjusted accordingly.


Invoices are emailed 30 days prior to the due date. Tuition invoices fall due on the 8th of each month (except January). Invoices for Music books are due within seven (7) days as they have been purchased and already paid for on your behalf.

When piano tuition is being cancelled, 30 days notice is required in order to prepare your final invoice. Payment of this final invoice is due by the last scheduled piano lesson.

Late Payments

If your payment is 7 days late, an Invoice reminder will be emailed to you.

If your payment is 10 days late, I will ring you to confirm payment arrangements.

If your payment is 14 days late, piano lessons will be suspended until payment is received. Lessons missed during this time will not be rescheduled. In order to avoid this, please contact me beforehand if your payment is going to be delayed so that alternative payment arrangements can be made. My mobile is 0438-521-341.

Monthly Tuition fees

Tuition fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable. The tuition is calculated for the year and paid by eleven equal monthly instalments. Each instalment is due by the 8th of each month (except January). There are 38 piano lessons in the year, from the second week of February to the second week of December. The current Tuition rates are as follows:

  • 30 minute lessons: 11 instalments of $121
  • 45 minute lessons: 11 instalments of $155.50
  • 60 minute lessons: 11 instalments of $225
  • Travel to your home is an additional cost of $30 per hour pro rata

These rates are subject to yearly review in July and advised 30 days in advance.

Payment Schedule

The monthly instalments are due regardless of the number of weeks, lessons or holidays during any month:

Semester 1No instalmentJanuarySemester 2Instalment 68th July
 Instalment 18th February Instalment 78th August
 Instalment 28th March Instalment 88th September
 Instalment 38th April Instalment 98th October
 Instalment 38th May Instalment 108th November
 Instalment 58th June Instalment 118th December

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