Park Street Piano Studio Policy

5. Communication - Parent

Please feel free to email me anytime: parkstreetpiano@gmail.com. If you need to get a message to me quickly, then sending a mobile text is best: 0438-521-341.

You can call me during the day, but if I am teaching, I will let the call go to Voice Mail and return your call later.

It is tempting to chat to me about your child when the lesson is over. This is not a convenient time as the next scheduled lesson will be due to start. However, you can chat to me at the beginning of your child's lesson. Remember too, that the time you spend with me is taking time away from your child's lesson.

If you need to miss a lesson, please notify me as soon as possible. Often, sending a mobile text is the quickest way and you can be sure that your message was received in a timely fashion. 

Feel free to write to me at anytime about what is happening with your child. You can use the Lesson Memory Book (which is your child's practise diary) if you have a question about the week's practise. Knowing what important things are going on in your child's life helps me to adapt my lessons accordingly.

You can also use the Contact me page on this website to leave me a message.

5. Communication - Teacher

My main communication is via email.  Please let me know if that is not convenient for you. If I need to contact you quickly, I will usually send you a mobile text. If I need an answer or confirmation straight-away, I will ring you. 

If you have restricted contact times, you can advise me using the Contact me page so that I don't interrupt you. I write lesson notes after every lesson which are then emailed to you by the next day.

My email is:  parkstreetpiano@gmail.com

My mobile is: 0438-521-341

Ring 0438-521-341 to book your free introductory lesson - no obligation.

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