Park Street Piano Studio Policy

6. Commitment

Minimum term

It is important to give a new skill time to develop. Playing the piano is not an overnight skill and continual progress is dependant on the amount of regular, consistent practise to begin to acquire this skill. The parent and student need a commitment of 6-12 months to begin with to adequately assess if playing the piano is right for them. 

Student Practise

Every student is expected to practise regularly. The desired minimum is 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. A student can PLAY the piano every single day, but practise is a focused activity and yields best results when done in a consistent and planned manner.

Park Street Piano recommends the following practise times:

Ages 5 - 7:           practise 10 minutes each day, play as much as you like

Ages 8 - 10:         practise 15 minutes each day, play as much as you like

Ages 11 and up:   practise 20 minutes each day, play as much as you like

Adults:                practise 30 minutes each day, play as much as you like

Consistency is the key

To assist with home practise, iPad apps Piano Maestro and DustBuster2  from Joy Tunes, and Piano Adventures Player from Piano Adventures, are available for download free of charge. 

It is important to establish a practising schedule early on and stick to it. Consider practising every day before school, or just after school, or just after dinner, to set a consistent routine. If one session seems too much, split it in half and practise once in the morning and once in the evening.

Remember, it is better to practise a little each day rather than for a long time once or twice a week.

Parents and practise

Parents need to actively assist their children in developing good practise habits. Students under 7 will need you to sit at the piano with them to help read the Tutor books and the teacher's notes. Students older than 7 still need you to provide the reminder to practise at the SAME TIME each day no matter what. 


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