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8. Copyright

Purchase of new music 

In order to comply with APRA/AMCOS copyright rules, students are expected to purchase original sheet music and/or books of collections. Limited photocopying is permitted for rehearsal or study purposes only. Consequently, new students can expect to pay about $50 at their first lesson for tutor books. Subsequently, all students can expect to spend another $50 or more during the year on new music, depending on their rate of progress. If the music books are purchased on your behalf by the studio, the cost of this music (plus any postage costs) will be added to your account.

Studio Licensed Music

I regularly purchase new music directly from composers under a "Studio Licence". This allows me to reproduce this music for all my students at minimum cost. I am able to instantly download this music and email it to you for printing. I can also print and bind this music for you and these additional costs are added to your account.

If I email a single piece to you, the charge is $1.50.

If I print a single piece for you, the charge is $1.50 plus printing costs.

If I email a collection of pieces to you, the charge is $3.00.

If I print and bind a collection of pieces for you, the charge is $3.00 plus printing costs.

A single piece of music to purchase is usually between $5 and $10. A collection of pieces to purchase as a book is usually between $15 and $50. So the savings to you are considerable and the student can be playing new music every single week.

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