Park Street Piano 

We offer one on one piano lessons for students 5 and up. 

Adults new to piano or returning to piano are welcome. 

I teach in a private studio in my home or online via Zoom. My piano is a Yamaha G2 Grand.

My tuition fees are charged monthly. 

You pay the same amount every month (except January).

 There are usually 38 piano lessons in the year. 

Lessons for children from 5 - 7 years:        for 30 minutes at $132 per month

 Lessons for children from 8 years and up:  for 45 minutes at $173 per month

    Lessons for Teens (15+) and Adults:       for 45 minutes at $190 per month

60 minute lessons are $260 per month

Students presenting for an exam, depending on age, may need 60 minute lessons.  


        You can book your free introductory lesson here  - no obligation.

If you have any queries, you can email me at parkstreetpiano@gmail.com

You can talk to me directly on 0438-521-341